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We're delighted to announce the recent addition of a famed WWII TBM Avenger torpedo bomber.

Plus, we'll have a WWII Stinson L-5 'Sentinel' liaison aircraft (at left), which will also be available for rides. 

Excitement in the Air and on the Ground

America's Largest Collection of Vintage Fairchild Aircraft

Welcome to Our Show!

Many of the aircraft present will be on display and open to the public.  



FREE parking is available at the airport terminal parking lot. 

Follow the event signs.
The Expo gate is located LEFT of the terminal (west side) and behind the airport firehouse.

Cameras and recording devices are more than welcomed!

No smoking, no weapons and NO alcohol is permitted. This is 

STRICTLY enforced.

Many of our aircraft and equipment on display are museum quality restorations. ALL are artifacts and nowadays are 'one-of-a-kind' pieces of aviation or military history. 

We ask that you please respect any signs which ask visitors to NOT stand, sit, climb, walk or enter specific areas of aircraft and items on display.

Rope lines are established for your safety around aircraft whether they are static or operational. Please stay BEHIND designated rope lines.

No pets or animals are permitted inside the entry gates. Medically registered Service Dogs are always gladly welcomed.

Featured Activities

 The Hagerstown Regional Airport and the Hagerstown Aviation Museum, each reserve the right to refuse entry to anyone, and are not responsible for accidents involving persons or property, or for the theft of personal property from attendees or exhibitors

See All Types of Fairchilds!

The Hagerstown Aviation Museum has received and acquired more than 20 historic aircraft, most of them built in Hagerstown, MD at the Fairchild Aircraft facility near the Pennsylvania-Maryland state line. 

Unique museum aircraft such as the 1943 Fairchild PT-19 WWII trainer and the 1928 Kreider-Reisner KR-31 biplane will be on display along with many privately-owned aircraft.  

Our 2019 Wings and Wheels Expo will also be the unveiling of our latest collection acquisition.

This rare and hard-to-find early 1930's Fairchild open cockpit sportster airplane was acquired by the Hagerstown Aviation Museum in June this year. 

With only minimal work required upon purchase, this visually stunning airplane will be presented to the general public at 12 Noon on Saturday, September 7!

Can you guess what model our most recent Fairchild airplane may be?

Vintage Airplanes That Made American History

 Visitors can also walk through the museum’s 1948 Fairchild C-82 Packet and the museum's 1953 Fairchild C-119 'Flying Boxcar,' and discover firsthand the fascinating impact that the Hagerstown, MD plant had on the world's military aviation industry!

Pick-Up Some Cool Museum 'Swag' While Here!

 Museum merchandise, books, DVDs, shirts, hats and toys will be for sale during Wings and Wheels Expo. 

A special 100th Anniversary t-shirt is  available for purchase while quantities last! 

Walk Through Fairchild's Huge C-119 'Flying Boxcar'

The end of production at Hagerstown for the C-82, gives birth in late 1949 to the amazing flying machine dubbed 'The Flying Boxcar' – the Fairchild C-119. Walk-through this impressive cargo transport, and experience the flight crew's view from the elevated cockpit!

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